SUPER-G Summer Schools

The third edition of the SUPER-Summer/Winter Schools will be in November!

The SUPER-G European Summer Schools are designed to prioritize practical skills and to transfer the knowledge of grassland functioning and management generated in the project, giving the opportunity to the stakeholders from different backgrounds and geographic locations to participate and absorb this knowledge, sharing their own experiences. This will happen in the next 2 years, in 5 different Universities around Europe.

The first edition was focused on the Mediterranean biogeographic region, under the topic Ecosystem services of Mediterranean Permanent Grasslands”.

The second edition was focused on the Alpine biogeographic region, under the topic “Ecosystem services and disservices of Alpine grasslands”.

In this third edition summer has given way to winter focusing on the Boreal biogeographical region, under the topic Obstacles and opportunities for management of permanent grasslands in Sweden

Mainly directed to young farmers and students, but also to researchers, educators, NGOs, government and supply chains


25th of September 2022

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