Work Packages

The SUPER-G consortium integrates an interdisciplinary team with a strong track record of working with industry, policy makers and other key land-use stakeholder groups. The consortium has extensive expertise in biodiversity, agronomy, livestock production, grassland management, animal science, soil science, social science, agricultural economics, policy evaluation, water quality, climate regulation, soil erosion and flood control; across five biogeographic regions. Animal health and welfare will also be carefully considered in every aspect of our research and innovation. All research will be contextualised through a responsible research and innovation (RRI) approach, which addresses knowledge exchange with key stakeholders, including people living in relevant rural communities.

A multi-actor platform involving a wide range of stakeholders in five biogeographic regions has been formed to develop sustainable grassland systems and related management options that are practical, cost effective and deliver a desired range of ES.


A network of commercial and experimental farms spread over the five biogeographic regions has been established for benchmarking, synthesising and demonstrating innovative grassland practices.

The emphasis will be on co-production and co-ownership of solutions. Project partners will work together in seven work packages.

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