SUPER-G Seminars, Face-to-Face Workshops, and Webinar Series

SUPER-G Seminars, Face-to-Face Workshops, and Webinar Series
SUPER-G Seminars, Face-to-Face Workshops, and Webinar Series

Introducing a Dynamic Learning Experience: Seminars, Face-to-Face Workshops, and Webinar Series

In the ever-evolving landscape of knowledge exchange and professional development, the SUPER-G project stands at the forefront, and offered a diverse array of educational platforms tailored to the needs of stakeholders across Europe. From invigorating seminars held in bustling cities to intimate face-to-face workshops conducted with local farmers, and the immersive digital realm of webinar series, SUPER-G has embraced innovation to transcend geographical boundaries and adapt to the challenges of our times. Delve into the rich tapestry of learning opportunities as we explored the impactful journey of SUPER-G through its Stakeholder Seminars, Face-to-Face Workshops, and enlightening Webinar Series.


During the SUPER-G project, it was predicted the organisation of 5 Stakeholders Seminars, one per biogeographic region. This took place in-person for the 1st one and online for the remaining ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Atlantic Region – The 1st Stakeholder Seminar of the project SUPER-G took place in the Europa Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland on 12th December 2018

Due to the constraints caused by the COVID19 pandemic, and the impossibility of organising presential workshops, the Executive Board of the SUPER-G project decided to have a stakeholder Webinar Series on Permanent Grasslands in Europe – policies, services, and management. The programme was launched on the 13th of April 2021 and the registrations opened for 3 webinars: 1st Webinar – Priorities and services, 15th June 2021; 2nd Webinar – Drivers of change, 22nd June 2021, and 3rd Webinar – Policies now and tomorrow, 29th June 2021. It had an average number of 70 participants/ session and all the recordings are available on the SUPER-G YouTube channel, click here to see!

Three other webinars with different stakeholders were organised: 

  • Pros and Cons of Multi-Species Swards webinar, 23rd June 2021 – click here to see!
  • Improving permanent grasslands for ecosystem services and biodiversity, 154 participants, 17th January 2022 – click here to see!
  • Permanent Grasslands in the Continental biogeographical region, in the Goniadz region of Poland (online due to the constraints caused by the war in Ukraine), 181 participants, 26th April 2022, with simultaneous translation English/ Polish and Polish/ English – click here to see!

Face to face Workshops:

Tier 1 – The first tier of workshops was organised online, with different stakeholders that could define the main topics to discuss in second tier workshops, face-to-face with the farmers of the different regions. The big question addressed was about the key elements that should be included in a practical face-to-face workshop with farmers focusing on sustainable permanent grassland management (within the context of farm profitability, current challenges, and agri-environment scheme opportunities).

Tier 2 – The 2nd tier of workshops was organised with farmers from the different countries of the Consortium, addressing the main topics that came out from the Tier 1.

In total we addressed 703 farmers, in 14 face-to-face workshops, to discuss different PG management options in different biogeographic regions.

Webinar Series:

The aim of SUPER-G task 6.9(2) was to organise a series of webinars in national languages for students and early career farmers and advisers, with the specific objective of presenting and discussing some of the key SUPER-G results during the last three years of the project. In total, 13 webinars were organized by 7 different partners. Click here to see!

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