Euromontana Booklet of Good Practices

Euromontana Booklet of Good Practices
Euromontana Booklet of Good Practices

The European Association of mountain areas (EuroMontana) has published a booklet of good management practices in mountain grasslands, gathered across 18 European countries, through OREKA MENDIAN, a seven-year project funded by the European Union’s LIFE Programme,

Grasslands cover 15.9 % of the EU-28 area and are Europe’s third most dominant ecosystem. As well as being central to food production, mountain grasslands deliver a range of ecosystem services, such as food production, carbon storage, recreational and cultural services, that provide added value. Nevertheless, mountain pastures are seriously threatened by climate change and socio-economic pressures. According to EuroMontana, more than 75% of the grassland area in the EU-28 is considered to have an unfavourable conservation status.

In line with OREKA MENDIAN, the aim of this booklet is to inspire farmers, breeders and other local actors to boost the biodiversity of mountain grassland, combat the impacts of climate change and improve the marketing of their products.

The OREKA MENDIAN booklet is available in English and French and will soon be available in Spanish! To access the booklet click here.

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