Super-G article on AGROTEJO annual magazine

Super-G article on AGROTEJO annual magazine
Super-G article on AGROTEJO annual magazine

The project was featured in an article in the annual magazine AGROTEJO.

AGROTEJO – União Agrícola do Norte do Vale do Tejo is a non-profit Portuguese association of farmers, whose main area of focus is the North of the Tagus Valley:

  • To promote regional agricultural development;
  • To articulate the associative structures of the region;
  • To represent agriculture, forestry and livestock
  • Encourage farmers to use good farming practice;
  • Developing vocational training
  • Promoting the practice of crop protection and integrated production.

AGROTEJO has a annual magazine that has been a valid contribution to the level of agricultural information, promoting the sustainable development that we all desire. They make a comprehensive and targeted distribution in Portugal, namely to farmers, official entities, Agro Industry, central and local administration. This annual magazine presents several technical articles of interest to the rural world as well as the opinion of several experts.

The project’s article featured on the 2020 edition of the Magazine, make a brief presentation of the project scope and objectives, as well as, explained and described the main work done during these two years and a half.

The full article is available here.

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