Norroy Co-innovation Workshop – CRAGE

Norroy Co-innovation Workshop – CRAGE
Norroy Co-innovation Workshop – CRAGE

The Norroy SUPER-G farm network co-innovation workshop took place on July 9th 2019  in GAEC du Pichet in Norroy, France.

The main objectives of this day were to:

  • Present the SUPER-G project to farmers
  • Understand why farmers of the GAEC du Pichet test these innovations in their farm, and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these practices.

The workshop has focused on two innovative techniques used by GAEC du Pichet to improve their permanent grasslands used for pasture:

  • Chicory overseeding

Their main issue is the very low growth of grass from mid-June to mid-September so they’re testing the overseeding of chicory in permanent grassland and plant trees and hedgerows.

The over-seeding of chicory in the paddock hasn’t allowed increasing pasture duration in summer. There is not enough chicory to feed animals. Solutions should be to have a pure chicory paddock or to test another species.

  • Agroforestry

This technique intends to bring shadow and shelters for cows; bring shadow for grass:  grass stay green 2-3 weeks more under trees than without shadows; use the wood chips in the litter of cows; some trees are “medicine trees” – cows will have free access to the trees for “self-medication”; cut branches during summer and use leaves as forage for animals. Some researches show a very interesting nutritional value for leaves.

See below a photograph from this day.

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