1st Normandy Co-innovation Workshop – CRAN

1st Normandy Co-innovation Workshop – CRAN
1st Normandy Co-innovation Workshop – CRAN

The first Normandy SUPER-G farm network co-innovation workshop took place on July 11th 2019  in the north of the region in Le Neubourg, France. The morning took place inside the office of the Farmers’ Association of Neubourg and the afternoon was dedicated to a visit of a farm called EARL BRIL ODIENNE, in Chamblac.

The main objectives of this day were to:

  • Present the SUPER-G project to farmers
  • Knowing the members of the thematic operational group
  • Identify themes which the group wants to study over 4 next years

The topics farmers want to study were:

  1. Knowledge of the flora of our permanent grassland :
    1. Test Plantnet Identification – application to identify plant by the picture
    2. Evaluation of species present in the pasture
    3. Improve types of mixture or species adapted to the field
  2. Communicate on ecosystem services 
    1. Manage a positive communication towards the stockbreeders and the general public
  3. Analyses of soil and the importance of a leaf analysis
    1. Fertilization
    2. Management of the grassland
  4. Rotational grazing management
    1. Reseeding and techniques of renovation
    2. The intensity and LU/ ha in the pasture
    3. Weed control
    4. Date of entering and leave pastures
    5. Sizes of paddocks / Accesses and ways / water management
    6. The resistance of grasslands (humid/dry extreme conditions)
  5. Economic promotion
    1. The economic value of permanent grassland
    2. How to measure the quality of products (milk, meat)

In the afternoon part, the main topics mentioned were the installation of fences and of water, mode of harvest, topping and fertilization, appetence of the grass, etc.

See below some photographs from this day.




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