1st Italian Co-innovation Workshop – UNITO

1st Italian Co-innovation Workshop – UNITO
1st Italian Co-innovation Workshop – UNITO

The first Italian SUPER-G farm network co-innovation workshop took place on April 18th 2019  in Cascina Roseleto, Villastellone (TO), Italy. The workshop had a total of 9 participants, of which 7 were farmers, 1 agronomist and 1 seed producer.

The main objectives of this day were to:

  • Present the SUPER-G project to farmers
  • Each participant was also asked to report the strengths, weaknesses, and threats for each of their farms

The main local challenges for PG described were:

  • PG (over)seeding
  • Problems with polluted water
  • Problems with weeds
  • Lack of appropriate technical support
  • Increasing problems due to climate change
  • Low productivity
  • Get land for pastures in the lowland
  • Lack of demonstration farms
  • Get information from French and Swiss farmers

The following innovations were discussed as possible solutions:

  • Use of raising platemeter to determine PG productivity
  • Creation of a Regional grassland catalogue
  • Overseeding with site-specific seeds collected from local PG/hay to improve PG quality, productivity and resistance to diseases
  • Web/mobile App to help to identify mixtures for overseeding
  • Hay drying systems
  • Setting grazable hedges with fodder tree and shrub species
  • Differentiating the market of grass-fed animal productions by implementing ‘smart labels’ with agro-environmental indicators
  • Use of NIR to estimate hay/milk/manure quality in terms of protein content
  • GPS tracking to assess cow grazing intake and determine the amount of integration needed per each head
  • Use of composted manure distribution to improve nutrient recycling and reduce weeds carried by non-mature manure
  • Adoption of nutrient balance plans at the farms

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