1st Laxou Co-innovation Workshop – CRAGE

The first Laxou SUPER-G co-innovation workshop took place on September 18th 2018. The workshop was well attended with a total of 20 farmers attending. Among them:

  • 1/3 produced dairy
  • 1/3 produced beef
  • 1/3 produced dairy and beef
  • 1 farmer produced sheep
  • 1/3 produced their products organically

The main objective of the meeting was to:

  • Introduce the SUPER-G project,
  • Discuss the main local issues affecting Permanent Grassland (PG) management
  • Sort the main subject to investigate the use of new PG management options and emerging

The main challenges that delegates were interested in investigating were:

  • The management of the summer drought
  • The quality of the grass

There was interest in carrying out experiments and demonstrations regarding:

  • Climate change: Rotational grazing, Agroforestry, Conserve grass on the field
  • Improve PG’s quality: Overseeding, fertilization, rational grazing
  • Animal performance: Race
  • Economic valuation of the sectors
  • Soil life and fertilization

See below some photographs from this day.

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