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So how does this work?

We are looking for photos connected to permanent grasslands in any country in Europe in the following categories: 1. Wildlife and biodiversity; 2. Cultural values of the grasslands; 3. Farmlands, outdoor farming activities; 4. outdoor recreation in grasslands; 5. risks and threats on grasslands.

As for the aspects of the evaluation criteria for the photos, they are the relevance, how well a grassland system is depicted, representation of the assigned category (cultural, recreational, farming activity etc.), aesthetic value of the photo, spirit, wittiness and sparkle of the title and description of the photograph.

SUPER-G 2019 Photo Competition starts on March 1st 2019 and ends on January 31st 2020. Evaluation will be carried by a board of the SUPER-G project. Announcement of results in Spring 2020 and at the forthcoming SUPER-G annual meeting where all the authors of the winning photographs will be invited.

To participate in our photo competition you’ll need to check the terms and conditions, complete the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance Statement and fill in the form link bellow.

Can you help us find exciting, inspiring, beautiful images of grassland landscapes and activities? Enter the SUPER-G Photo Competition now!

Name of the Applicant*

Alias or nickname of the applicant (if preferred to original name)


Affiliated organisation, institution or company (if applicable)

Country of residence*

Email address*

Title of the Photo*

Topic / category of the photo (can be more than one)*
1. Wildlife and biodiversity2. Cultural values of the grasslands3. Farmlands, outdoor farming activities4. Outdoor recreation in grasslands5. Risks and threats to grasslands

Recording date of the photo (approx. if unsure)*

Location of the photo (place, region and country)*

Geographical coordinates of the photo (WGS 84 – found on Google Maps or the digital photo)*

Grassland / farmland type appearing on the photo*

Short description of the photo (no more than 100 words)*

One GDPR compliance statement and consent form should be submitted per applicant.
Please check the boxes next to the following statements if applicable. Please note that points 1, 2 and 3 are required for entry into the competition.

1. I give my consent for the personal data I provide to be used for the purposes of the photo competition.
2. I accept the responsibility for the appearance of any persons, personal data or property on the photo.
3. I agree to the terms and conditions of this competition.
4. I give permission to be contacted again about other SUPER-<em>G</em> events or activities.5. I wish to remain anonymous in any public displays or online posts detailing the photographs I submit.

For the purposes of the competition and the photo-series analysis we need to collect and store personal data. The Centre for Ecological Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences will be responsible for storing and processing the personal data you provide and will do so in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). No sensitive personal data will be collected. Data will be stored on secure hard drives or in filing cabinets in a secured office space, which is not freely accessible to the public. The data will be stored for the duration of the competition after which it will be erased or destroyed, unless you give your permission to be contacted about other SUPER-G events or activities. If permission is given for further contact your data will be held for five years, after which it will be erased or destroyed. Data will be used to contact you about competition results. Certain personal details including your name (or alias if given), your institution and country of residence may be displayed online, on social media posts (including twitter) or in printed displays alongside the photograph and details of the photograph’s location, title and description. We will not display your email address or contact details publically. If you wish to remain anonymous in any public displays or online posts of your image please tick box number 5.

By giving your consent, you agree to voluntarily provide these personal data. The personal information provided by you will be used solely for the purpose for which you have provided these or given permission for. You have the right to inspect, delete, correct, and restrict the processing of personal data as well as the right to appeal and the right to data portability. Furthermore, you have the right to revoke the given consent.

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