Press Release – 1st Super-G Stakeholders Seminar

Press Release – 1st Super-G Stakeholders Seminar
Press Release – 1st Super-G Stakeholders Seminar

The first Stakeholder Seminar of the EU Horizon 2020 project SUPER-G – Developing Sustainable Permanent Grassland systems and policies – took place in the Europa Hotel, Belfast, Northern Ireland on 12th December 2018.  This Seminar covered the Atlantic Region with 52 delegates discussing permanent grassland management and policies around Europe.

The seminar was organized with the aim of presenting the SUPER-G project to different stakeholders; gathering their opinion; and reflecting on the diverse types of permanent grassland management in Europe, and what influence the project can have in each biogeographic region and country.

The group of stakeholders assembled in Belfast came from 11 European countries, representing Farmers; Farmers´ Associations and Unions; National Authorities; NGOs; Policy Makers; Research Institutes; SMEs and Universities, bringing a variety of views and experiences to the discussion.

The delegates concluded that the SUPER-G project will have an important role in the next 5 years to assist farmers in improving their permanent grassland management and in co-designing policies that can support its productivity and sustainability.

The next SUPER-G Stakeholders’ Seminar will be organised in 2019, in a different biogeographic region (Alpine; Boreal; Continental/ Pannonian or Mediterranean), as the aim is to have one Stakeholder Seminar in each region, with one Seminar per year. More information will be available soon.


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